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Apr 27 11

Get Rid of Your Panic Attacks Forever

by admin

Something happens that should not have bothered you. You see a car accident, hear a loud noise, or even possibly nothing at all occurs other than you just finished a cup of coffee. However, your body is reacting as if you have received a threat to your life. Your heart is racing, you breathing quickens, and you feel that you are just about to have a heart attack. Yet, you absolutely know that your reaction is illogical and should have never happened. You are having a panic attack.

Experts tend to agree that panic attacks generally occur because deep in your brain you have been programmed to react to threats – real or imagined. Medical scientists have explored the process that normally creates short-term memory, but in these cases the process installs a rather permanent reaction, which quickly leads to a perception of the existence of a threat. Surprisingly, this can be triggered quite suddenly – even with absolutely no awareness of what caused it. Panic attacks are a learned reaction, which most likely was etched into your brain as a result of one or more incidents that occurred prior to certain coping abilities being developed. Essentially, your brain reacted the only way that it knew how. And, now you are suffering for it.

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My experience in dealing with such learned patterns is that their programming can be reversed. First, you must realize that you are not at fault and no amount of rationalizing and explaining will ever resolve your panic attacks. Second, you must have faith that you are capable of overcoming them. And third, you must know how to reverse the programming.

Mental health professionals know how to program your mind to create a different reaction to events that trigger stress in your life. Essentially, this is a form of what I call a pattern interrupt. Once a panic attack is triggered in your mind, the alternate reaction will lead you to a different result. Meanwhile, until this is accomplished, you still need to know how to cope.

Qualified hypnotherapists and others who are adequately trained in the use of hypnosis are uniquely qualified to reprogram your reaction to panic attack triggers and to strengthen your ability to control your reaction and quickly recover for each incident. By using hypnosis to train and fortify your mind, you will begin to develop healthier responses and observe your response with detached curiosity.

Apr 26 11

Cure for Bipolar Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

by admin

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition which affects the stability of moods. The moment you suspect you are suffering from bipolar disorder, you need to take action as quickly as possible to be able to contain the situation. Bipolar is a life long disorder hence it needs to be treated in the initial stages to avoid having problems later in life.

Well trained and experienced health professionals are able to diagnose you from bipolar disorder and recommend remedy. Bipolar symptoms tend to be similar with other disorders such a clinical depression therefore you need to have a good physician who will be able to distinguish between the two.

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Bipolar can be treated effectively by use of the right medication and observing the prescription. There are some things you need to know when you are seeking treatment for bipolar disorder. These things include, this disorder is characterized by extreme ups and downs which can be devastating. They can make your life horrible so the earlier you seek medication the better the chances of not undergoing these mood swings.

The effective and successful treatment of bipolar disorder does not depend solely on drugs or antidepressants. It combines a number of factors. To be able to get cure from the disorder you need to educate yourself about the disorder, know much about the way you can avoid things that may cause the mood swings. Talk to the physicians and specialists about your condition openly, they will be able to advise you about the condition and the responsibilities you have in your cure for the disorder.

You should also be able to understand that cure of bipolar disorder does not happen overnight or in a day. You need to be persistent in taking your medication and trying to understand the whole concept of the disorder will contribute a lot in the cure of the disorder.

The main cure for bipolar is medication through use of mood stabilizers such as lithium, Lithobid, Equetro, Depatoke and Lamictal. There are other ways to cure bipolar disorder which include,

Psychotherapy – Working with a therapist will assist you stress management, coping with uncomfortable feelings and mood regulation.

Education – Being able to know more about the disorder will help you in avoiding potential problems and be able to deal with setbacks.

Lifestyle management – This will involve being able to maintain a regular schedule to avoid any of the symptoms from demoralizing you.

Apr 25 11

OCPD Symptoms

by admin

OCPD or Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder is universally characterized by an obsession with perfection, order and an unreasonable need for organization in a manner that he trusts is right. One OCPD symptom is the individual not being conscious that this personality disorder type is afflicting him.

Research shows the conceivable cause of OCPD is genetically inclined though studies revealed that children exposed to OCPD parent tend to develop OCPD more than those who were not. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder is roughly two times as widespread in males as females, and happens in one percent more or less of the whole population. Latest studies show that Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder normally decreases in strength with age, such that a bunch of OCPD suffering individuals experience the most intense symptoms when they at least reach age 40.

OCPD symptoms are commonly mistaken with OCD symptoms or otherwise known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Though they are greatly alike, OCPD sufferers are oblivious that something is not correct with their actions whereas people with OCD may perhaps discern that their actions denote they are afflicted by the said disorder yet have no control to rid of said compulsions, usually because of the fear of something bad would happen if the compulsions are not carried out.

Individuals that are afflicted by this personality disorder may display unwarranted reverence to a respected authority and excessive struggle against authority with whom they do not respect. They usually convey affection in an extremely controlled manner and they may also be preoccupied with reason and intellect.

Individuals who have OCPD are expected to become upset in conditions where they cannot keep in being in domination of their interpersonal milieu, although such anger is normally expressed indirectly. On other instances, this anger that a person with OCPD have is expressed with righteous rage over superficially small issues.

Some OCPD symptoms to watch out for are superfluous tidy rooms, condiments in the refrigerator arranged in a very palpable superfluous order, and books almost precisely accurately arranged.

Very few people with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder would seek out treatment often until the disorder starts to radically interfere or otherwise obstruct a person’s life. This nearly often happens when a person’s coping resources are extended and too thin to deal with pressure or other stressful events.

Apr 22 11

Causes of Bipolar Mania Symptoms – An Overview of the Basics

by admin

There are different ways in which the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be triggered. These triggers can range from the lack of exercise to getting married or simply getting a poor night’s sleep. It is important to know what these triggers are so that you can manage your bipolar disorder better. With this in mind, here are some of the possible triggers. Keep in mind though that what may trigger one person may not trigger someone else at all.

Lifestyle Causes

Some of the different things in your life that can trigger bipolar disorder include:
Lack of sleep
Drug or alcohol use (For this reason, a bipolar person should never drink alcohol or take any drugs that they haven’t been prescribed.)
Lack of exercising
Eating too much sugar

Major Life Events That Can Trigger Bipolar Disorder

Some of the major life events that can trigger bipolar symptoms include changes in:
Employment: problems, loss or adjusting to a new environment
School (this is the same with employment)
Relationships: divorce, separation, loss of a partner, death, illness
Life: moving somewhere new, getting married, winning the lottery

Basically anything, whether happy or sad, can upset a bipolar person’s equilibrium can make you tail spin into either a depressive or manic state.

Physical Causes

Some of the physical triggers for bipolar disorder include:
Changes in the seasons with winter being the biggest trigger due to the fluctuation in light.
Menstruation is a major hormonal trigger for women.
Thyroid changes. While your thyroid is meant to keep your body stable and help it to function smoothly but they can also cause fatigue and weight gain, which in turn can trigger bipolar.

Tracking Triggers

You may wish to keep a journal of the following things in order to see what your triggers are:
Hormonal cycles
Food you eat
Your sleep patterns
Anything important that is going on in your life
Stress from work
Whether or not you are exercising and if you are what type you did

Simply take a few minutes every hour to write down these things for a month. At the end of the month review the events and symptoms with your doctor or psychologist. This really will help you manage your bipolar better so that you can lead a more “normal” life. It is important to go over this list many times so you can truly understand the symptoms and what you can do about them.

Apr 21 11

Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Understanding the Link

by admin

One of the oldest and most common symptoms associated with the bipolar disease is depression. Little or no attention can be paid to other symptoms such as mania, although it is not wise to do so. If a person becomes manic, he will experience the following symptoms: feeling free all of a sudden which makes the person to disregard laws, increased sexual drive, hallucinating, and a feeling of being strong all of a sudden. Let’s face it; all these symptoms echo the feeling of being drunk or high. Even so, that is exactly how a person feels when recovering from an ailment.

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The following are features that signify a depressive episode. Anxiety and persistence; the affected person is overcome with a feeling of helplessness or unworthiness; he or she becomes a pessimist; loss of energy; lack of concentration; the person is deprived of sleep; he or she starts having suicidal thoughts; he is unable to remain calm and at one place; and he or she loses or gains an appetite.

Below are some accounts of people who had the depressive symptoms that are usually associated with bipolar disorder.

One person said his mind had immensely slowed down to a point where he thought that he was just useless. This made him doubt his ability to do anything correctly. Other people comforted and supported him by telling him that the situation was not permanent and that it would soon go away but the truth is that they had no idea of what and how he really felt.

Another person said to be hypomania talked of how excited he was. All forms of ideas would form in his head at tremendous speeds. He realized that he was no longer shy as he usually is and just as suddenly things started being very interesting. He then experienced a desire so have sex. The need to seduce and be seduced increased and he felt stronger, with a case of euphoria.

In a particular case of mania, the ideas became too fast and overwhelming. He lost his sense of humor and his friends started getting frightened of him. He became angry and short-tempered and he felt like he was trapped.

It is important that one recognizes the mood swings so that he or she can seek treatment early and avoid the long term consequences which can be quite harmful. Long term consequences include termination of employment, an end to a personal relationship, and even committing suicide.

Apr 18 11

Bipolar Disorder Treatments – Everything You Need to Know

by admin

With proper Bipolar disorder treatments, a person is able to lead a normal life and prevent future complications from occurring. Bipolar is a disease that is recurrent, unpredictable and common in a large number of people worldwide. The disorder involves sudden mood swings in an individual from high or low episodes of depression. In some cases, it is more intense and can lasts for many days or months, which can disrupt every day living and functioning of a person. This is because it affects judgment, behavior, functioning and energy levels.

Diagnosing the disorder earlier in life combined with comprehensive bipolar disorder treatments can really make a difference to help an individual in dealing with this disease and managing it. The best way to treat this disorder is to have a combination of both counseling and medication, which will go a long way in alleviating the effects of this disease. The counseling will help an individual come to terms with this condition and how to deal with it, because professional counseling has been known to cure even severe depression.

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Certain drugs used for bipolar disorder treatments help to stabilize a person’s moods to normal levels. Some of the challenges faced by patients include mood swings, multiple medication and cost which is a major issue for families that are not conversant with bipolar facts or various treatment strategies that are still in the research phase can be a quiet costly affair. Many individuals prefer drug medication to treat their disorder like stabilizing drugs that are prescribed for bipolar disease. Regular episodes of depression and mania require the patient taking these drugs for relief. Valproate and Lithium are some of the mood stabilizer drugs. Lithium is considered the best drug for treating pure mania and also useful for patients suffering from other bipolar related disorders. Anti-psychotics also contain stabilizing properties that can treat this disease.

Some of the non-medication treatment alternatives available for this disease include sleep management and psychotherapy that play a big role in treating this disorder. These treatments help reduce symptoms and drastically prevent relapse occurring in the future. The most important thing is to get tested and get to understand the many options available to you or your loved one. Seek professional advice from mental and psychiatric experts on the best treatment. Many non-governmental organizations and support groups readily offer free assistance to people suffering from this disease on where and how to access treatment. The STEP-BD is one of the largest programs dedicated to the study of bipolar disorder treatments.

Apr 15 11

Bipolar Disorder Test – All You Need to Know

by admin

It is advised that you carry out a bipolar disorder test each year to determine if you are suffering from this condition or not. Bipolar disorder is a condition where you may experience manias or extreme highs combined with depression or lows. As much as the symptoms of this disorder are very distinct, it can become difficult when you need to test for it. This is attributed to the fact that some of its symptoms, especially the manic depression symptoms, mimic signs of other physical or mental illnesses.

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Before you carry out a bipolar disorder test, it is imperative that you understand some of its symptoms. Generally, you may exhibit signs that you have never shown before like lack of concentration, overeating, oversleeping, hyperactivity, being moody and so on. In case you notice some of these symptoms, it is good that you schedule an appointment with your care physician. During the appointment, your primary physician may be able to notice some of these signs as you progress. Psychological evaluation will also be useful when testing for this condition, if the doctor says that it is relevant that you go through it. This can be achieved with the aid of a mental health professional that your primary physician may recommend.

The thyroid is an important gland in the body and it can be affected when you have this condition. In order to carry out a bipolar disorder test, you need to have your thyroid function tested. This gland controls most of the areas in the body and it is also said to trigger change of mood in the event of hormonal imbalance. This test can be done from the blood this gland and be tested so to establish if you are suffering from this condition or not.

In some cases, MRI may be used by doctors to test for this condition. As much as the pictures of your brain may not show that you have this condition, they can also be used to rule out other disorders or abnormalities. On the other hand, you can be able to carry out this test on your own too. You need to be aware of the symptoms of this disorder so that you understand which symptoms are close to what you are experiencing. When testing for this condition personally, it is relevant that you record your feelings like mood change, lack of sleep or appetite and so on. Noteworthy is the fact that personal bipolar disorder tests are one way to save lots of money.

Apr 13 11

The Truth About Bipolar Disorder – What You Need To Know

by admin

Wondering if you are suffering from a manic-depressive type of health problem? If you find yourself moody all the time and you cannot control such feelings, the first thing that may come into your mind is that you may be suffering from a certain health issues such as Bipolar Disorder. A person who experiences this may exhibit certain behavior that is not expected from a person in a normal state of mind. If you want to know more about what this disorder is all about, you can start reading from here.

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There are a lot of symptoms to consider before you can determine if the patient is in a depressive state or not. Now, a person can be at a depressive state because of many reasons and that is what makes them not enjoy life as they should. However if the person is in a depressive state, it is necessary that they are given the right attention. This is because it is hard to determine what they have in mind and what they will try to do next. A depressed person will act not the same as normal persons would do. They cannot make the right decisions for others and even for themselves. They are agitated and may even experience thinking of taking their own lives to end the depression.

Those who are diagnosed with Bipolar disorder are both in a manic and depressive state. There are two categories to consider once a patient is already diagnosed with this disorder which is Bipolar I and II. There is a big difference between the two categories where an individual who experiences both mania and depression is categorized for a patient who has Bipolar I disorder and an individual who has depression and hypomania is a patient who has the Bipolar II disorder. It is Bipolar because depression is always combined with another type of disorder.

There are a lot factors which can cause this bipolar disorder. Sometimes it not that easy to determine what is its specific cause. More often the disorder is being triggered by an imbalance in the body’s hormones as well as issues between the neurons present in the brain. Many findings claim that a very stressful life can lead to a certain dysfunction in the brain and the hormones which may lead to depression and other behavioral state. And this could cause the persons indifference with the people that surround him/her.

There are certain treatments that an individual with Bipolar disorder will have to go through. Lithium medication can be the first option. These are mostly known as anti-depressants being given to individuals who suffer from this type of disorder. ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy can also be an option for those who are experiencing unwanted behavior that is uncontrollable which may tend to affect those individuals who have suicidal tendencies. Lastly, one may go through Psychotherapy sessions that will analyze the cognitive and interpersonal state of the patient and make use of therapeutic methodologies to help the patient gain control of his/her own emotions.

Apr 4 11

Root Causes and Symptoms of a Panic Attack

by admin

A panic or anxiety attack indicates the presence of an anxiety disorder which has both physical and emotional symptoms. Emotional symptoms related to panic attacks include: intense feeling of unwanted and excessive fear. Physical symptoms related to panic attacks include: feeling of giddiness, asphyxiation, severe shaking, racing heart, clammy hands etc.

There are millions of people across the world who suffer from such sudden attacks. Many can experience such attacks suddenly, since they have genes associated with anxiety disorders in their body. As per research statistics, it has been shown that children of people who have experienced such panic attacks,are 7 times more prone to experience such attacks when compared to others.

Scientific research about the causes for panic attacks depict that huge percentage of people who are prone to experience such attacks have a gene which is nicknamed as DUP25. Experts have found out that such gene develops proteins which has a major role in communication between the cells of central nervous system with one another. It is suspected that the imbalance in this gene causes the brain to become oversensitive and in turn leads to a anxiety attack in those who carry this gene.

Studies have depicted that not all individuals carrying this gene named DUP25 would experience panic attack or other symptoms related to anxiety disorder. It could be due to other causes as well rather than just heredity factors. A person could experience such attacks due to drug abuse or any traumatic experience. Research statistics indicate that 8% of people experiencing panic attacks have gone through major drug abuse. Other stats state that people who try to inhibit their emotions also experience such serious attacks.

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack, knows that it can happen anywhere or anytime. It could occur when he/she is alone or when he is among a group of individuals. It could take place when they are in public or at home. It could never happen when a person wakes up from a restful, sound sleep. Women living in their early age of adolescence are more prone to such panic and mood attacks and around 50 percent of people experiencing them, are below 24 years of age.

People expecting treatment for such attacks can get cured in several weeks time. Though it is unpleasant to experience such panic attacks, it does not have any side effects over long term after the patients are given proper treatment and remain under safe conditions. However, there are chances of relapses even after treatment. It indicates that people could experience an attack even when they under the process of treatment. But when they follow stress-relieving activities such as yoga in their daily schedule, they could avoid such problems.

Apr 2 11

Agoraphobia Cures

by admin

“Agoraphobia caused me to limit my life to such an extent that I became completely dependent, totally housebound and more and more anxious as my world shrank around me. I would spend weeks refusing to leave home or traveling very short distances accompanied by a person I trusted”

“Joe often avoids crowded places like shopping malls. He does not like traveling long distances in cars, buses or train, eating in restaurants and going to the movies. He is not afraid of those places, but once he gets there he gets extremely worried that he might develop uncomfortable feelings in his body like a fast beating heart or feelings of dizziness. He is very self-conscious about experiencing these symptoms in front of others and as a result, he often excludes himself from activities with friends.”

These are some of the experiences faced by the agoraphobia sufferer.

What is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is the fear of being in a situation where one might experience anxiety or panic and where escape from the situation might be difficult or embarrassing. They might feel anxious about being home alone, leaving home, or being in crowded place, such as on public transportation or in an elevator. To avoid the anxiety associated with these situations they refrain from putting themselves into such situations. Those suffering from agoraphobia often times ask friends to keep them in situations in which escape may be difficult or embarrassing.

Agoraphobia is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. Without anxiety this phobia simply CAN’T exist! Agoraphobia and social phobia are usually accompanied by other anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks, obsessions or generalized anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia causes the sufferer to experience high anxiety or panic attacks when they attempt to carry out normal tasks which involves being away from a person or place of safety.

How does agoraphobia form?

Agoraphobia forms when high anxiety causes the ‘what if’ thoughts which are intended to produce a risk analysis of our environment in order to identify a threat. So, in a room full of tigers, the mind asks a series of questions to decide the best course of action to take in order to either ‘fight’ or ‘retreat from’ danger. It is this ‘retreat from danger thought’ that causes agoraphobia.

As anxiety levels grow during anxiety disorders, symptoms become more apparent and the anxiety control center in the brain ‘reads’ these symptoms as ‘the threat in the room’. You don’t know that the mind is doing this because it is entirely ‘subconscious’. Once the threat has been identified, it then makes the decision whether to FIGHT or FLEE from the threat. Of course, you can’t flee from your symptoms, so instead, we go into ‘safety seeking mode’. This is what causes agoraphobia.

As we then move from place to place, your anxious mind constantly produces these risk assessments based on your CURRENT location. It ALWAYS finds your symptoms to be the threat in that new environment and then it says, “when I am here, I am threatened – so RETREAT”. The next time you try to go to that location, the mind has already formed an ‘anchor’ between it and danger and before you even get there, you feel anxious!

The Facts

About twice as many women than men report that they experience agoraphobia. Frequently, people report that the onset of their agoraphobia followed a stressful or traumatic event in their lives.

The most common age for agoraphobia to begin is when a person is in his/her mid to late 20′.

Agoraphobia Treatment

There are few agoraphobia treatments available through accessible practice, most include talking therapies and medication which often have very limited therapeutic affect; the proof stands to reason, if they worked, no one would still be suffering.


The medical model states that agoraphobia is based in changes in brain chemistry. Certain medications can be used to balance the brain’s chemicals and treat the phobia. Commonly used types of medication include SSRs, MAOIs, and benzodiazepines.

Each of these medications has a unique effect on brain chemistry. Each also carries a risk of side effects, which may vary according to your overall health and other prescription medications. Your psychiatrist or family doctor will work carefully with you to find the optimal prescription and dosage to meet your needs.


Various types of talk therapy, from psychoanalysis to behavior therapy, have been demonstrated to be effective in treating agoraphobia. For many reasons, though, cognative-behavioral therapy is one of the most popular.

The approach that your therapist uses will be based on many factors including the severity of your agoraphobia, your personal preferences, and the therapist’s style. Because agoraphobia is complex, many therapists prefer to draw techniques from a variety of disciplines. This eclectic approach allows flexibility in your treatment plan.

Alternative Methods

Many agoraphobia sufferers find relief from a range of alternative therapies. Some of the most popular include hypnotherapy, guided visualization, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. It is important to note that few of these remedies have been rigorously studied under clinical conditions. Therefore, if you plan to use alternative methods to treat your agoraphobia, it is highly recommended that you consult both an expert in that remedy and a licensed mental health professional.

The Linden Method Program

Please understand this: agoraphobia is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. Without anxiety this phobia simply CAN’T exist! So, by eliminating the underlying anxiety disorder, agoraphobia can be eliminated 100%.

Anxiety, panic, phobias and other anxiety disorder symptoms can be eliminated 100% by addressing the root cause directly. The cause of all these conditions is a small organ called The Amygdala which controls the anxiety reaction. It is situated in the brain.

The Amygdala becomes ‘re-set’ when life circumstances cause it to release anxious responses repeatedly, it LEARNS to become inappropriately anxious – through repetition. This is called Operant Conditioning.

So, by eliminating this reaction in The Amygdala, anxiety can be reduced quickly and efficiently, permanently eliminating your agoraphobia.

A true agoraphobia treatment is accessible, seamless, targeted and structured. It is possible to remove agoraphobia completely and eliminate the underlying anxiety that causes it but this must be administered by qualified and experienced professionals.


The Amygdala is a small organ in the brain which is responsible for controlling and storing the anxiety response which causes agoraphobia (the anxiety control center). This ‘switch’ becomes stuck ON during anxiety disorders and it is this solely which is the cause of your anxiety and agoraphobia FACT!

The Linden Method can show you exactly what you need to do to eliminate your agoraphobia quickly, simply and permanently, by convincing the subconscious mind… The amygdala, that it is SAFE. Once it perceives SAFETY it will adjust your anxiety level back down to normal. They have used this same technique with many of their ex clients and it never fails to work!