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Men`s Health: Toxicomania and Sexuality

by admin on November 4th, 2014

This classification, even though covers almost all the groups of toxicomanias, does not take into account though the somatic toxicity exerted by every group and neither the effect of the drug over the psychic behavior, matter very important for the public opinion and medical-social speaking. If from the exaggerated use and growing of the barbs, the public opinion has a more tolerant attitude and this is explained by the fact that the addiction of barbs is not accompanied by behavior modifications that are dangerous for the society, in return, the society is very strict against a third group of drugs, toxicomanias: a) the derivatives of opium, b) cannabis and hallucinogens and c) amphetamines; because the use of the opium alkaloids and especially of heroine trains fast a social detachment, the one of amphetamines in high doses stimulates an aggressive behavior, delinquent and the one of hallucinogens generates especially criminal effects. Toxicomania and Sexuality

According to a few general considerations over the toxicomania, let us see what effects have the toxicomanias over the sexual behavior. The desire of certain individuals to amplify their sensuality or/and finding new “strong” sensations, represents the most frequent cause of using some drugs that develop the pharmaco-addiction and gives the state of toxicomania. The toxicomania with opiates (opium, morphine, heroine and their derivations) determines in the sphere of the sexual behavior modifications in the sense of a refinement often intense, but the erotic sensations have especially a contemplative character. To the heroine in small doses is attributed the action to delay the ejaculation, and in high doses it leads to the diminishment of the libido. According to the opinion of L. Lewin, administering opiates in the beginning increases the sexual excitability, but later, the sexual instinct diminishes up to sexual impotence.

The sudden suppression of opiates can cause painful erections. The group of the hallucinogens (hashish, marijuana) – from the female plant Cannabis indica is extracted a resin with hallucinogenic properties which is sold under various names such as hashis or marijuana. The name of marijuana comes from the Portuguese word “mariguango”=poisoning. Beside the psychotic effects of this group (the ideation becomes confused, the sensations are perceived chaotically, appear the hallucinations, the space and the time lose their real dimensions), the effects of the hallucinogens over the sexual behavior have been studied by the Institute of Sexology from Hamburg, which came to the following conclusions: two thirds from the girls felt no effect of the hashish over the sexuality, a fifth said that the drug influences the libido, and regarding the boys, half of them have not felt any effect, while a fourth invoked a freer coupling because of the suppress of the inhibition induced by the drug. Wesley Hall is more categorical and says that: “the one that smokes marijuana must bear in mind a progressive harm of health, the apparition of the psychic disorders and the sexual impotence”.

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