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Improve Memory for Explosive Brain Power in Your Problem Solving

by admin on December 2nd, 2010

What is image streaming?

Image streaming has been explained by many feature people as the problem solving through dreams. For many it was the breakthrough many had been seeking for and to improving memory.

History is full similar stories where answers came to people through dreams. This is an excellent way to find solutions to problems because the right brain is involved the problem solving process and holding potential amounts of brain power.

When we are awake the right brain often cuts out solution finding because the left brain edits what comes from the right brain, making it more logical and often suppressing the answers. This is why problem solutions often come when we are asleep and the right brain is not being edited by the left brain.

The problem here is that one cannot control dreams.We cannot decide in advance what we are going to dream about and most of the time we do not remember our dreams

The solution, is to use a process called image streaming, which creates a dream like state while you are awake. Image streaming is used to tap into your subconscious mind while you are awake and in this way sole your problems and enhance your creativity and brain power.

How to Image stream.
1. You must describe the images a loud, either to someone or into a tape recorder. Describing them silently will make you sleepy.
2. You must use all five senses in your descriptions. If you see a snow-covered mountain, for example, do not just describe how it looks. Describe its texture, its smell and the sound of the wind howling across its peak
3. Phrase all your descriptions in the present tense. This helps to create a feedback loop that strengthens your image streaming process. As you experience something you describe it, you here this description and it goes back into your brain creating a loop that reinforces the process.

Using this technique with practice will improve you memory and brain power which ultimately will help with your problem solving.

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