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Emotional Healing Is Essential For Health

by admin on November 30th, 2010

The mind is hopelessly connected to the body. A conflict or stress in the mind, if not resolved quickly, will result in sickness in the body. Anguish, angst, dissatisfaction, remorse, anger, fear-each has a negative effect on the body. These things actively attack the vital force and invite death.

The Path to Emotional Healing

On the other hand, love, hope, faith, and courage draw the body toward life and health. A scriptural proverb says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Cheer and contentment breed health and strength.

Because so much disease is directly caused by crushed emotions, a gentle, understanding attitude toward the sick is more important than the most skillful treatment. Approaching them indifferently, with no concern for their condition, does more harm than good. Compassion is the most important treatment for those who are weakened and humbled by suffering. Words of assurance, encouragement, and sympathy are what they often need the most.

Openness is the Best Policy

It is also best to tell the patient the full extent of his danger in as hopeful a way as possible. Knowing what they are facing inspires confidence, gives them the best understanding of how to fight their illness, and gives them their best chance of recovery.

The Power of the Will and the Imagination

Emotional healing begins in the imagination, which has the power to create or destroy disease. Many who are chronically ill could be well if they thought so. But they remain sick because they expect to be and thus too many die from disease the cause of which is completely imaginary.

So the power of the will, the will to live, is not valued highly enough. If it is nurtured and guided to be exercised, the imagination can bring energy and resist disease. As the mind envisions life, it co-operates with physical remedies and embraces health. Many can recover health if they will.

The Most Effective Avenue

It is not our destiny to be sick. Our natural condition incarnates wellness and happiness. We must make up our minds to be well. The mental attitude, combined with nature’s remedies, has the power to heal many an invalid.

Emotional healing is vital in the healing of the sick and should not be overlooked. Nurturing their spirit, will, and imagination is one of the most effective avenues for combating disease.

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